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Model SG-25 Barrier Gate
For Control of Light Vehicle Traffic

The Model SG barrier gate is designed to control industrial vehicular traffic. The gate can be actuated by different devices, such as radio controls, single- and three-button control stations, digital keypads, coded cards, sensing loops and telephone entry systems.

The Model SG automatic gate operatorcan be used for large industrial vehicular traffic. For high-use applications on wide driveways, it is recommended to use two model BGU 12, one on each side of the driveway.

The Model SG barrier gate control system is designed to accept most available entrapment devices and has function switches that will allow for various methods of control.
Barrier Gate

Barrier Gate

Specifications for the SG Lift Gate:


  • 1/2 hp, 115 VAC, single-phase, thermally-protected, open-frame, resilient-mount PSC motor
  • Power on/off switch
  • Duplex receptacle (115 VAC units only)
  • Three-button control station included
  • Accessory connections are 24-volt AC or DC
  • Easily adjustable cam-operated limit switches
  • Full system connections for access controls and reversing devices

Anti-Entrapment/Detection Devices:

Operator is pre-wired to accept contact and non-contact detection devices such as reverse edges and/or photo electric eyes

Warning Signals:

  • Pre-start audio/visual outputs provided


  • 230V, single-phase operation
  • Powdercoated stainless steel cabinet for installations in areas where high concentration of corrosive material is present
  • Thermostatically-controlled strip heater
  • Arm signal light kit


The Model SG Barrier Gate is designed for low traffic applications because of the developing momentum and overall slower operating speed of the wishbone arm. Dual BGU-12 gates on opposing sides of driveway are recommended for high cycle applications. Two operate in unison to provide quick and dependable control under high traffic conditions.


  • Weather-resistant galvannealed steel cabinet with powder coat finish
  • Lockable and removable front access panel for easy access


  • Dual V-belt drives
  • Heavy-duty 75:1 right-angle oil bath gear reduction
  • Heavy-duty harmonic link with oil impregnated bronze bushings

Control Circuit:

  • Solid state circuit board, 24-volt AC or DC
  • Inherent current sensing system
  • 15 LEDs for easy setup and troubleshooting
  • Built-in maximum run timer and auto close timer
  • Master/Slave - simple three-wire connection

Gate Arm:

  • Heavy-duty wishbone style
  • Available in lengths from 16 to 25 feet
  • Constructed of 1x6" soft wood, painted white with yellow and black warning tape and warning labels on each side
  • Includes appropriate counterweight system

    If you have any questions or concerns, contact us between the hours of 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM EST. One of our Customer Service Representative will be pleased to assist you.

    Call Today 800.878-7829 or
    e-mail us at customer Service for Lift Gates

Lift Gate
Width: 15"
Height: 40 1/2"
Depth: 15 1/2"
Weight: 200 lbs.
Model HP Voltage Application ARM
List Price Order Now
Industrial/Commercial Slide Gate Opener
SG-TB-16-211 1/2 115 Slower operating, counter balanced wishbone arem. Provision for radio, detector, reverse edge, three button or single button 16 ft. $3,937.31 Order Now
SG-TB-20-211 1/2 115 Slower operating, counter balanced wishbone arem. Provision for radio, detector, reverse edge, three button or single button 20 ft. $3,937.31 Order Now
SG-TB-25-211 1/2 115 Slower operating, counter balanced wishbone arem. Provision for radio, detector, reverse edge, three button or single button 25 ft. $3,937.31 Order Now
Accessories for the BGU
2500-2207 - Low Voltage Surge suppressor ..................... $42.00
Order Now
2510-262 - 115V Heater ............................................ $112.00
Order Now
2800-111 - Articulating Arm for limited head room areas... $310.00
Order Now
2650-057 - Adaption for shaft out opposite side............... $185.00
Order Now
2650-088 - Adaption for opposite arm direction............... $20.00
Order Now
2650-111 - Cold Weather Package ............................... $215.00
(includes heater, arctic oil, cogged belt)
Order Now
Vehicle Detectors for gate opening or reversing devices
Deteck Loop Detectors
2510-190 Single Detector prewired in operator, 24 VDC.....$270.00
Order Now
2510-191 Two Detector prewired in operator, 24 VDC.....$530.00
Order Now
Safety Triangle Caution: Barrier gates are not for pedestrians! Automatic gate operators are designed for vehicular traffic only.Tthey are powerful and can cause serious injury or death. Accordingly, direct all pedestrian traffic to a separate pedestrian gate. UL325 requires the use of contact or non-contact anti-entrapment devices. ASTM F2200 requires that all exposed rollers are covered.



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