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Model  BGU Barrier Gate
For Control of Vehicle Traffic

barrier gate operators

OSCO Barrier-Gate Models BGU and BGU-D can be used for parking applications and revenue control.

Through switch selections, the gate operator is universal and suitable for all installation and operational functions. Switch selection allows for full flexibility as to how and when the arm comes down in traffic control situations.

The added advantage to the DC operator is the automatic-open feature upon power loss. When the gate opener senses AC power is no longer present, the arm will cycle open, remaining open until AC power is restored (fail safe) OR continues normal operation while monitoring the battery level. Once the batteries are low the unit will cycle open until AC power is restored or the batteries receive a full charge (fail secure).

Specifications for the OSCO BGU Barrier Gate Operator

Electrical Specifications: Cabinet:
  • 1/3 hp, 115 VAC, single-phase, thermally-protected open-frame, resilient-mounted PSC motor
  • Power on/off switc
  • Duplex receptacle (115 VAC units only)
  • Three-button control station included
  • Accessory connections are 24-volt AC or DC
  • Easily adjustable cam-operated limit switches
  • Motor has manually-resettable overload
  • Full system capable for access control and reversing devices


  • Dual V-Belt
  • Heavy-duty right-angle oil bath gear reduction
  • Heavy-duty harmonic link with oil impregnated bronze bushings
  • Gate arm clamp with cutting bracke

Anti-Entrapment/Detection Devices:

This Barrier Gate is pre-wired to accept contact and non-contact detection devices such as reverse edges and/or photo electric eyes.

Control Circuit:
  • Solid state circuit board, 24 VDC
  • Inherent current sensing system
  • 15 LEDs for easy setup and troubleshooting
  • Built-in maximum run timer and auto close timer
  • Master/Slave - simple three-wire commenction

Options for the BGU:

  • 230V, single-phase operation
  • Stainless steel cabinet for installations in areas where high concentration of corrosive materials is present
  • Thermostatically-controlled strip heater
  • Arm light kit


  • Weather-resistant galvannealed steel cabinet with powder coat finish
Warning Signals:
  • Pre-start audio/visual outputs provided



barrierf.jpg (9537 bytes)

Loop detector are used with Barrier Gates to detect the vehicle as either a Free Exit Loop, reset loop, or a safty look. To install cut theconcrete and lay the wire in and then run the wire back to the operator and then caulk over the wire.

If you need further assistance call our sales department at 800.878.7829 between the hours of 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM EST. or email us at Customer Support for Barrier Gates.



Pricing for the OSCO BGU Barrier Gate Operator

Model Application HP Voltage Phase Shipping
List Price Order
Parking applications and
provisions for single_button,
detector, radio, and three button
10 ft.
Parking applications and
provisions for single_button,
detector, radio, and three button
12 ft.
Parking applications and
provisions for single_button,
detector, radio, and three button
14 ft.
Accessories for the BGU
2500-2207 - Low Voltage Surge suppressor ...................... $42.00
2510-262 - 115V Heater .............................................. $112.00
2800-111 - Articulating Arm for limited head room areas..... $310.00
2650-057 - Adaption for shaft out opposite side............... $185.00
2650-088 - Adaption for opposite arm direction.................. $20.00
2650-111 - Cold Weather Package ................................. $215.00
(includes heater, arctic oil, cogged belt)
Vehicle Detectors for gate opening or reversing devices
Deteck Loop Detectors
2510-190 Single Detector prewired in operator, 24 VDC......$270.00
2510-191 Two Detector prewired in operator, 24 VDC........$530.00


Safety Caution: Barrier gates are not for pedestrians! Automatic gate operators are designed for vehicular traffic only.Tthey are powerful and can cause serious injury or death. Accordingly, direct all pedestrian traffic to a separate pedestrian gate. UL325 requires the use of contact or non-contact anti-entrapment devices. ASTM F2200 requires that all exposed rollers are covered.

Automatic gate openers are our business. Call us with further questions we are pleased to serve you. (800) 878-7829




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