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Slide Gate OperatorDiscontinued

State of the Art Technology.

GTO has a full line of state of the art AC powered slide automatic gate operators. They are controlled by self diagnosing microprocessor based control boards. They feature inherent obstruction sensing, which will reverse direction and stop in either the open or close cycle, if an obstruction is encountered. This safety feature is independent of any external safety devices connected to the system, such as safety edges or photo beams. 


Inside Picture of GP-SL100

  • AC Powered with inherent UPS (Uninterrupted Power System / Battery Backup) gate operation and all DC powered counters / safety devices.
  • AC Powered with Inherent UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply)
  • 120 Vac 60 Hz built in power receptacles (1 amp rated)
  • 2500 RPM, 24V brushless DC motor 1/2 HP. equivalent
  • JOG Adjusting Limits
  • Opening speed to 90 degrees from 15 seconds
  • System requires two 12 Volt batteries for built-in inherent battery back up system. (not included)
  • Maintenance Free Brushless DC motors
  • On board 12 V DC power delivers 300 Amp UPS
  • GTO Residential 3/5 Year Warranty
  • Meets Small Package Shipping Standards
  • Works on all types of gates;* chain link, tube, panel, ornamental, wood and vinyl.
  • Optional Universal Receiver (RB709U)
  • U.L. rated for Class I, II, III & IV. System certified to be in compliance with U.L. 325, 5th edition.
  • Weatherproof high density ABS, UV resistant cover
  • NOTE: Ball bearing rollers and covers are recommended on all gates.



The GP-SL050 Slide Gate Operator:The GP-SL050 is designed for continuous duty operation of slide gates. Max Gate; Weight 1200 lbs.
(544.3 kg), Length 37 ft. (11.3 m) with a 32 ft. (9.8 m) Maximum Opening

The GP-SL050 has been discontinued.
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Radio Receiver for remote control transmitters


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SL -5100 Automatic Gate Opener
Transmitter for radio controls

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SL -5100 Automatic Gate Opener
Additional # 41 Chain 10 ft sections w/ master link
SL -5100 Automatic Gate Opener

gate opener

Advanced Systems.

The UNIQUE battery back-up feature of the advanced GTO/PRO models takes over in the event of a power failure. The energy stored in the back-up batteries will provide a minimum of 50 openings and closings before depleting. 

The advanced units also retain the function of all safety devices and accessories such as photoelectric sensors, card readers, telephone entry systems, digital keypads, etc., while the unit runs on battery power. We do this through the use of our special inverter, which converts the energy stored in our back-up batteries from DC to AC power. The systems gate movement slows to 1/2 speed to indicate that the opener is operating on battery power. When normal power is restored, the battery back-up automatically shuts down, and the gate will move at full speed; no adjustments are necessary.

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