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vinyl porch rail

Consider the many railing possibilities ... now make them a reality with the exceptional versatility of the Bufftech railing system. The long lasting value is perfect for balconies, decks and porches. These beautiful, yet functional railing systems meet BOCA codes. Engineered for strength to handle everyday use, the rigid vinyl/steel construction stands up to the elements. The top and bottom aluminum reinforced rails add load-bearing strength.
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Choosing the correct Vinyl Hand rail is as easy as 1,2,3.

  1. Choose the vinyl picket style you are looking for.
  2. Next decide the vinyl top rail you desire.
  3. Choose the Vinyl Post style Post you would like to have.



vinyl porch rail


vinyl porch rail

Why choose vinyl?

    • No staining
    • No painting
    • No chipping
    • No peeling
    • No splintering
    • Reinforced with no-rust, aluminum channel in rails
    • Meets building codes (check for exact local installation requirements)
    • Polyvinyl (PVC)
    • Easy mount hardware
    • Easy to install
    • No insect infestation like wood

Enhance the uniqueness of your railing system through the variety of vinyl caps and top rails.

vinyl porch rail
Vinly Post Caps

Choose your own Vinyl Picket style

      • 1 1/4" Square Picket
      • Baluster

vinyl porch rail

Choose the Top Rail
that meets your needs.

      • T-Top or the
      • Standard 2x4 look.

vinyl porch rail


Century Square &
Baluster[3'] [3-1/2']
Offering the 2x4 Look

Olympia Square & Baluster [3'] [3-1/2']
Offering the "T" Top


More Information

vinyl porch rail

Notice the strength!

Our vinyl railing system is
made to withstand the riggers of daily use.

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Your vinyl railing system is based upon the picket and rail choice you select.

Style Picket Choice Top Rail

1-1/4" sq.,
Spindle or

2" x 4"

1-1/4" sq.,
Spindle or

"T" top

vinyl porch rail

The Porch Post 

Bufftech's colonial style porch post adds long-lasting beauty to your home with no painting of staining required.

  • Reinforced with aluminum load bearing support system

  • Rated to support and 8,400 lb. load

  • No splitting, warping, or twisting

  • Can be attached to Bufftech's railing system


Available with Deck Mounting Systems

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