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Storm backboard padding is available in the following colors: Black, Royal Blue, Scarlet, Gold, Purple, Kelly Green, Columbia Blue, Marron, Grey, Navy Blue, Orange, and Forest Green.
Colors May vary slightly from Internet Color chart

The Storm is a portable basketball goal designed for use in a gymnasium, fieldhouse, multipurpose facility or recreational complex.

The Storm is adjustable. Height adjustments from 10 feet down to 6 feet are made easily with the Storm's spring-aided design. To adjust, simply pull the pin located on the adjustment rod, raise or lower the unit as need and replace the pin.

The distance from the backboard to the base of the unit is 5'6" with the rim at the regulation 10' height and a minimum of 4' can be maintained at all lowered positions. Heavy foam padding, available in an array of colors, protects the players on the front, sides and back of the base. The unit is extremly durable, and will not tip over when players hang on the rim.

A variety of backboards ranging in size from 36"x60" to 42"x72" are available on the Storm. This allows the unit to be customized for a wide scope of applications and budgets.

Please click on for a sample of the different Storm portable basketball goal configurations.

Failure to install customer supplied ballast according to instruction could result in serious injury.
24 - 4x8x16 Concrete Blocks
Note: Once the blocks are added the unit will roll with weight in them


Storm Select Portable Basketball System
Product Specification

1. VERTICAL UPRIGHTS AND EXTENSION BOOM - Two vertical uprights constructed of heavy gauge 2"x 5" rectangular tubing shall support the main extension boom. Both vertical uprights shall each be supported by two 2"x 2" square tubular braces. The main extension boom shall be constructed of heavy gauge 4"x 4" square tubing with a 3"x 3" inner telescoping "slide boom." Backboard to base extension shall be 66" with rim at 10' playing height and a minimum of 48" at lower playing heights. Units without adjustable "slide-boom" extension are not considered equal. Extension boom design shall provide for the direct rim mounting of the rim to the main extension eliminating backboard stress when rim is contacted. Two tubular braces shall further support the upper corners of the backboard.

2. BASE CONSTRUCTION - The base is all steel construction comprised primarily of 3" x 1 ½" rectangular steel tubing. The front of the base shall measure 48" across for maximum stability during play. The ballast box (ballast not included) shall be designed to accept (24) 4"x 8"x 16" solid cement blocks each weighing 30 lbs. (720 lbs. total). The unit shall ride on four large 8" non-marking wheels for easy "one person" portability. Units using less than 8" wheels are difficult to move and are not considered equal. The front two wheels shall be on self locking castors (swivel lock & roll lock) which may be easily engaged once unit is positioned for play.

3. SPRING ASSISTED FOLDING, SETUP AND ADJUSTMENT - The unit shall operate via "Spring-Assist". Four 3 ½" painted coil springs support the weight of the backboard, rim, extension boom, padding and uprights (NO HYDRAULICS). Coil springs shall be painted to match the color of base. Plated springs are not considered equal due to "hydrogen embrittlement" which takes place during the plating process. Rim height shall be adjustable in six-inch increments from regulation 10' height down to 6'via a removable adjustment pin. The Spring-Assist system is operated easily by one person.

4. PIVOT POINTS - All pivot point locations rotate on high load, maintenance free bushings.

5. BASE, UPRIGHT AND BALLAST BOX PADDING - Unit shall be equipped with standard 2" thick foam padding mounted on 7/16" wafer board covered with a 14 oz reinforced vinyl laminate. Side pads and ballast box pad use 1 ½" thick foam as standard. Padding shall be secured to unit via 2" velcro attachment straps. Padding need not be removed during folding adjustment, transportation or storage. Colors are available.

6. FINISH - Entire unit shall be covered with a black powdercoat finish.

7. BACKBOARD - Constructed of 1/2" thick acrylic with bright white screening. The framework shall be constructed from clear anodized aluminum "L" type extrusions. Overall backboard size shall be approximately 60" wide and 36" high.

8. RIM - Flexible type so as to absorb the stress of player contact. The rim shall be of institutional quality with an official 5/8" diameter ring. Ring opening diameter shall be the standard 18" I.D. Rim shall have an orange powder coated finish. Heavy-duty nylon net shall be provided. Entire system shall be durably designed and constructed to allow for "dunking" action without compromising structural integrity or stability.

9. WARRANTY - Complete unit carries a Lifetime Limited Warranty. Entire system weight shall be approximately 1165#

Choose the package that is right for you.

Storm Select Portable Basketball System:
  • Storm Portable Base Unit
  • Base Padding (Any Color)
  • FT220 36"x60" Acrylic Backboard
  • FT186 Heavy Duty Flex Goal



Storm Pro Portable Basketball System:
  • Storm Portable Base Unit
  • Base Padding (Any Color)
  • FT230 36"x60" Tempered Glass Backboard
  • FT186 Heavy Duty Flex Goal


Storm Supreme Portable Basketball System:
  • Storm Portable Base Unit
  • Base Padding (Any Color)
  • FT222 42"x72" Acrylic Backboard
  • FT186 Heavy Duty Flex Goal



Storm Arena Portable Basketball System:
  • Storm Portable Base Unit
  • Base Padding (Any Color)
  • FT232 42"x72" Tempered Glass Backboard
  • FT186 Heavy Duty Flex Goal




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