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RE-1 Telephone Entry System
A residential and commercial architectural grade unit with maximum appeal, ruggedness, and expandability.
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Refining the Look of Telephone entry.
Redefining the capabilities of access control.

  • Striking in any setting- Housing available with state of the art nickel finish for maximum appeal and flexibility
  • Built-in MegaCode Radio and Antenna - Expand telephone entry access with wireless remote control through radio transmitters. Linear offers the industry's widest selection of sizes, case styles, and single and multi-channel version
  • 100 Entry Codes;75 Transmitters- Ideal for sites like employee parking lots. Entry via keypad of transmitter. All system activity keypad or transmitter. All system activity is monitored and logged in for retrieval by computer.
  • Two General Purpose Relays - Use one as the control relay and the other can be for whatever you need to trigger: from safety edge reverse, to external lighting, to alarm contact shunting.
  • Vertical configuration - For improved aesthetics and mounting flexibility.
  • White LED Downlighting - Very bright, extremely long life light source
  • Built in Modem with Browser -Based Programing - Providers can use a standard web browser to program the RE-1. No special software is required. Programming can also be done from the keypad or by touch-tone telephone
Built-in provisions for adding any access control capability under the sun (and moon).
  • Flash ROM simplifies Firmware Updates- No chips to change. No boards to swap out.
  • Time Zone Programming - Determine time and day that users are active. Lockout prank calls in the middle of the night. Lock or open doors and gates as needed.
  • Voice Response - Synthesized voice capabilities for providing instructions to system users and visitors, as well as confirmation during touch-tone telephone programming.
  • 3 Units per Phone Lines; 3 off Site Numbers - Up to 3 units can share the same phone line, acting as an intercom (i.e., a residence with a main entrance and 2 service entrances). In addition, the system can dial up to 3 different numbers. For a residence with a guest house visitors at the gate can dial either the main house of the guest house.
  • Call Waiting; Call Forwarding Time Zone - Valuable functions so users don't miss important calls. The latter automatically forwards calls to a remote number at a selected time with a time zone.
  • Latest SMT Components - Ensures enhanced ESD and lightning protection. Gives users 24 hour access control and added security. The RE-1 can be equipped with all of these valuable add-ons:
  • Knox Lock - The RE-1's case provides room for integration of Knox lock. No need for a separate unsightly box.
  • Complete CCTV package - Each RE-1 can be installed of field upgraded with a black and white CCTV camera and infrared illuminators ensuring clear images in low light conditions.
  • Auxiliary Keypad - Perfect for a second entrance (vehicle gate or walk gate) or to require a keypad code to exit the property.
  • Driveway Sensing - Use a loop detector or vehicle sensor to trigger the RE-1 t announce a guest of fire a relay to provide more light at the gate.
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