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MDKP Wireless Keypad DigitalKeypad Entry System

MDKP Wireless Keypad

AP-5 Controller with Radio Receiver

  • Factory Programmed Mega Code Format; Internal antenna
  • 1-6 digit PIN for each user.
  • Long -life Lithium battery
  • Rugged Cast Aluminum housing
  • Built-in downlight
  • Transmits Signal
  • Ideal for gated communities, parking facilities, and industrial sites.
  • Easy to set-up and use — up to 480 remotes can be programmed with a few keystrokes.
  • Easy to add, suspend, and delete transmitters through programming mode — no transmitter dip switches to set.
  • Supports 480 block coded transmitters or 238 individual transmitters/wireless keypad entry codes.
  • Supports one fully supervised safety edge transmitter.
  • RF frequency: 318 MHz
  • 4.45" W x 5.75" H x 1.5" D (without antenna)

The MDKP Wrieless keypad can transmit a unique signal for each 1-6 digit PIN code entered. It has a built in radion transmitter with a 250 foot range in line-of-sight conditions. It generates a separate transmission code for each user selectable 1-6 Pin. Codes are learned by the access controller or receiver, wiht the Maxium number of Deendent upon the model used. For instance, if the controller is the AP-5, the MDKP can generate 338 unique codes.

To operate the MDKP, a user simply enters a pin followed by the 3 key, and the code is transmitted to the receiver for validation. Downlighting can be turned on by pressing the # key twice. The MDKP can be mounted on either a wall or a gooseneck stand.

The Model AP-5 Single Entrance Access Control System is designed for a broad range of access control applications. Its wireless design and small size make it easily adaptable for a variety of access control requirements. Typically, the AP-5 is used to control a door strike, barrier gate, automatic gate or automatic door operator.The AP-5 contains a high-gain UHF receiver which uses an external antenna to pick up signals from up to 250 feet away. Up to 480 Linear MegaCode® transmitters and one Model MGT safety edge transmitter can be programmed into the AP-5’s memory. The AP-5 will retain its memory, even without power.


Remember, You need the Radio controller to pick-up the signal from the Keypad

MDKP Wireless Digital Keypad
AP-5 AccessPro Controller
GN-1643 Goose Neck Stand

Compatible Linear Price List
Transmitter Block Code Ability
Product #
Single Button Handheld Transmitter
Double Button Handheld Transmitter
Single Button Miniature Transmitter
Double Button Miniature Transmitter
Remote Omni-Directional Antenna. Includes Mounting Hardware & 5' of Cable.
Supervised Gate Edge Transmitter
Wireless Digital Keypad
AccessPro Controller Radio Receiver
Goose Neck Stand


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