GTO Automatic Gate Openers
are Distributed by Discount Fence Supply, Inc.

Power Cables come standard with all GTO Automatic Gate Openers. The 4.5 ft. "Quick Connect" Power Cable is included with the GTO/PRO 1000 and the Mighty Mule E-Z Gate Opener. A 6 ft. Power Cable comes standard with the GTO/PRO 2000; a 25 ft. with the GTO/PRO 1200; a 50 ft. with the GTO/PRO 2200; and 60 ft. with the GTO/PRO-SL-1200.

Longer "Quick Connect" Power Cables are available for the GTO/PRO 1000 and Mighty Mule E-Z Gate Openers. These cables allow you to mount the control box farther away from the gate. These longer cables are available in lengths of 25 ft., 35 ft., and 40 ft.

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