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Sudbury Picket Fence


The Sudbury is the paramount of security and classical aesthetic. Wide pickets are spaced close together, yet there is still space for air flow. The high-end vinyl material is both reliable and low-maintenance, eliminating the need for any external painting, sanding, or staining. The pickets lock in place by individually notching into place to the bottom rail, enhancing stability. The Sudbury is the perfect addition to any home providing both privacy and aesthetic.

Sudbury Picket Fence


Sudbury Picket Fence


Sudbury Picket Fence


Sudbury Picket Fence

Dog Ear

Dog Ear Style Durables Vinyl Pool Fence

The Dog-Ear picket cap is a more subtle take on the traditional spade picket cap. With a more subtle slope and a flatter tip than the spade model this picket cap is ideal if a more welcoming look is desired.


Spade Style Durables Vinyl Pool Fence

The Spade picket cap is the traditional cap model for Durables privacy fencing. The steep pyramid shape ends in a pointed tip, the caps are also slightly taller in height than Dog Ear caps.